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Benefits for educational institutions:

Primarily, an Vega E-learning  is designed to help teachers, instructors, trainers, and managers create, deliver, and measure the usage of learning materials in a more efficient way. It should make it simpler for them to keep track of learner progress and evaluate how well they’re meeting learning or training objectives. Vega E-learning  features should also allow learning and development professionals to simplify processes such as knowledge management and learner discussions.
Up-to-date content
Books can be out of date even before they are published. This means that by the time they reach your students, they are passé. Yet, you’ve spent a large part of your monetary resources on them, so they get used, even though they are not giving the best material. An Vega E-learning with rapid authoring means you can change as needed, from one lesson to the next.
By reducing the amount spent on books and paper, an online Vega E-learning can free up money to be spent on things you always wished your educational institution could afford.
Proof of training
Re-allocation of time
Instructors spend a lot of time grading student work. Much of this work is in a closed-question format such as multiple-choice or matching. An Vega E-learning can grade such tasks automatically. This frees up instructor time to develop more creative course content.
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All in one place

Access to curriculum-aligned interactive textbooks, analytics and assessment support – all in one place.

Interactive Textbooks
Engage your students with interactive textbooks featuring videos, Exam is continuously updated to meet the latest subject requirements.  
Assessment Support
Create differentiated, auto-corrected assignments instantly. Add customised questions and send tasks to students in just a few clicks
Practice Centre
Stimulate independent learning by providing students with a bank of materials for self-study. Auto-corrected questions give immediate feedback and a measurable sense of progress.
Analytics & Data
Get an overview of students’ progress in their assignments and reading. Access rapid insights into how students are performing and tailor your teaching to address their needs.

Courses live
Registered courses
Reservations for teachers
Exams and activities
Audio and video blogs
Certificates section
Online payment
Inform parents of students

Integrate with your favorite tools

From marketing and eCommerce to customer service, business automations, and payments, Vega E-learning enables you to connect all the pieces of your online business so you can focus on what you do best.

Connect your school with virtual infinite marketing and affiliate tools and increase your sales!

How to get started with an Vega E-learning

Of course, it's best to find a platform that fits your organization's needs. Explore the features and functionality of each system and see if it integrates well with the applications and tools you already use. That's why SCORM compliance exists. It's best to try tools out for free to discover if the app itself works for you. Here are some things to look out for:

  • A comprehensive course library
  • An intuitive course creator tool
  • Full 24/7 customer support
  • In-app integrations with existing tools like zoom .googel meet.vimeo.....
  • Complete reporting and analytics